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Cabling of individual buildings

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Are you building a house or planning renovations? Why not connect your house to the network of the future? Secure your access to Swisscom TV, Internet and telephony.

Building/renovating a detached house/apartment block

Five good reasons for a Swisscom home connection.

1. Future-proof

Thanks to continuous investment in our ground-breaking technologies, the Swisscom network is the reliable solution now and in the future.

2. Free of charge

Connection costs to the boundaries of your property are paid for entirely by Swisscom; no access charge is due. You pay for installation within your home.

3. Freedom of choice

Home cabling by Swisscom does not oblige you to take Swisscom products. Apartment block tenants can also select the provider of their choice.

4. Proven

At the behest of the Swiss government Swisscom ensures that every home in Switzerland is equipped with broadband Internet.

5. Everything under the one roof

Would you like to take advantage of Swisscom products once your home is connected? It's best to have everything in one flexible package. Unlimited surfing, telephony and TV: inOne now combines the best for home and away in a flexible package. For you, and everyone at home: inOne

How to get your Swisscom connection

The technology and type of connection for your home will depend on where you live.

More than 146 towns and communities are covered by Swisscom’s ultra broadband network currently, the fastest in Switzerland with a data transmission rate of up to 1 Gbit/s.

Even outside fibre areas, Swisscom is providing ever-higher bandwidths thanks to an innovative technology mix.

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Register your building project

Make sure that your architect or electrician informs us about your building project so that you’ll be able to use your connection on your chosen date.

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Any questions?

We will be happy to assist you with the connection options for your building project or the registration procedure.

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