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What you need to know about the promotion

The offer applies when you sign up for a new inOne home Internet subscription, with or without blue TV (excluding inOne home light).

  • After the end of the 12-month period, standard subscription prices will apply.
  • inOne home minimum service period: 24 months
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions
  • Promotion does not apply when simply switching to an inOne home subscription or when switching from a fixed network product without Internet (e.g. Swisscom Line basic).
  • Activation fee of 89.– does not apply when you sign up online
  Promotion price Saving in first year Cost after 12 months
Internet S 59.- instead of 65.–/mth 72.- 65.-/mth
Internet M 59.- instead of 80.–/mth 252.- 80.-/mth
Internet L 59.- instead of 90.–/mth 372.- 90.-/mth
TV S 0.- instead of 5.–/mth 60.- 5.-/mth
TV M 0.- instead of 25.–/mth 300.- 25.-/mth
TV L 0.- instead of 35.–/mth 420.- 35.-/mth
TV X 0.- instead of 50.–/mth Plus Netflix costs (15.–/mth for Netflix Standard, 20.– for Netflix Premium) 600.- 50.-/mth

Existing customers can benefit from the promotion by taking out a new Internet subscription with inOne home.

Yes, you can adjust the products in the My Swisscom Customer Centre at any time.

Internet L for just 39.– instead of 90.−/mth

Our fastest Internet. With speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s.

10 Gbit/s

Fibre-optic technology for ultra-fast Internet

10 Gbit/s

Innovative technologies mean your data is secure with us

10 Gbit/s

Committed to a sustainable & secure network

(1) The available speed depends on the local optical fibre expansion and the WLAN router. A Swisscom connection with an optical fibre line to the home is usually required for identical upload and download bandwidths.

Internet L: Max. 10 Gbit/s is transferred for fibre to the home. 8 Gbit/s is the maximum upload/download speed that can be achieved for all devices in the home network together (approx. 20% is required to ensure transmission quality). With a single device, you can achieve a maximum upload/download speed of 2.3 Gbit/s via the fastest Ethernet connection (2.5 Gbit/s) with the Internet-Box 3 WLAN router.

(2) Internet L and M: free WLAN router Internet-Box 3 worth 199.– Internet S: Free WLAN router Internet-Box 2 worth 149.– Valid for new inOne home Internet subscribers.
(3) Reception of HD channels depends on the capacity of the connections.
(4)  Valid for new blue TV subscribers. Swisscom Box 21 worth 119.–. While ordering, you can select whether you want to order the Swisscom Box with Voice Assistant for an additional 20.–.
(5) Record programmes up to seven days after broadcast. If not archived, recordings will be moved to the recycling bin automatically after 2 years, where they will remain for a period of 30 days, during which time you have the option of restoring and archiving them.
(6) If you already have a Netflix account, you simply have to link it up once you have ordered Blue TV X. The standard/basic Netflix subscription remains unchanged. If you have an existing premium Netflix subscription, the subscription remains unchanged and you can continue to watch Netflix on up to 4 devices at the same time. The extra CHF 5.– will be billed on your Swisscom invoice.
(7) Round-the-clock in all fixed and mobile networks of all countries in the EU/Western Europe, USA (excluding territories of the USA) and Canada.
(8) Calls to the Swiss fixed network 0.04/min. off-peak rate, 0.08/min. standard rate. Billing is in CHF 0.10 blocks. Calls/SMS to business, short-dial and special numbers are chargeable.
(9) Calls to the Swisscom mobile network 0.27/min. off-peak rate, 0.32/min. standard rate. Calls to the mobile networks of other providers 0.30/min. off-peak rate, 0.35/min. standard rate. Billing is in CHF 0.10 blocks. Calls/SMS to business, short-dial and special numbers are chargeable.
(10) The actual speed will depend on your phone line.

inOne home light

Fix basic offer.

Internet: 10 Mbit/s max. up/download

Swisscom blue TV: 100+ channels, 60+ incl. in HD

Telephony: Making calls to all CH fixed networks from 0.04/min. Making calls to all CH mobile networks from 0.27/min.

Price per month


Excl. connection fee 89.–

Order the product by calling
the freephone number 0800 800 800

Internet and fixed network basic service provision

As part of the basic service provision we offer fixed-line and broadband Internet access with a minimum transmission speed of 10 Mbit/s (downloading) and 1 Mbit/s (uploading).

Do you have any questions?

Purchase advice by telephone

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