blue TV

blue TV with the Swisscom Box

More content, lots of extra functions, easy to use: Swisscom blue TV works best with the Swisscom Box and inOne home.

Watch TV.
Like never before.

Easy to use

With Voice Assistant, smart remote and outstanding design.

Editorial content

Inspiration from the blue editorial team with new tips and backgrounds every day.

Integrated apps and App Store

All your favourite apps. Integrated like Netflix. Or in the App Store.

Over 300 channels

Swisscom blue TV offers you a huge choice of channels.

Cinema-quality sound and picture

4K UHD, HDR and Dolby Vision for the best sound and picture quality.

Speak instead of type with simple voice control

Control your TV easily by voicing your commands. Listen to music, view your myCloud photos or operate your Smart Home devices. With the Swisscom Box, you can even control all of this via your Voice Assistant with the command “Hey Swisscom…”.

“… open Netflix.”

“… what will the weather be like tomorrow in Bern.”

“… play Radio Energy.”

“… show me movies starring Tom Cruise.”

“… switch on device floor lamp.”

“… play Radio Energy.”

“… go back 2 minutes.”

“… go to Sport.”

The best apps.
Fully integrated.

Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky are fully integrated in blue TV with the Swisscom Box. And there’s more than a hundred other popular apps in the App Store.

The smart assistant
for your home.

Control your smart home devices with the Swisscom Box Voice Assistant. You can switch off your music, dim the light or turn on the TV to watch your favourite series with just a simple command.

Swisscom remote. Simple. Really simple.

Each Swisscom Box comes with the smart remote. This replaces your TV remote control and does not require a line of sight with the Swisscom Box.

During a programme

Rewind 10 seconds
Pause and continue watching
Fast forward 30 seconds
Information about the programme you are watching

TV Guide

This gives you an overview of all TV programmes. See what is on when, record interesting programmes or watch live and replay programmes.


To record a programme – 1 x short press

To record a series – 2 x short presses

Watch recordings – 1 x long press


This button provides lots of useful information and viewing and filter options, such as second language, sub-titles, select channel list – give it a try!

Most recently watched

Switch between the two most recently watched programmes – 1 x short press

List of the most recently watched content – 1 x long press

Now you are
in control.

The Swisscom Box is also a games console. You can access the Steam and Blacknut game platforms and connect your own controllers.

Your data is secure

The protection of your privacy is very important to Swisscom. All commands are processed anonymously, saved in encrypted form and only shared with third parties for the purpose of further processing.

Your Box keeps learning

The Swisscom Box continues to learn and become more useful. It speaks four languages and is acquiring a number of different dialects. New features are being added all the time. We’ll keep you posted.

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