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Smart Remote & TV-Box

The Swisscom TV Smart Remote and TV-Box incorporate impressive multi-award-winning design and phenomenal performance. Enjoy the best picture and sound quality – with hardware that always looks good.

Voice control for your TV

Press the microphone button on your Smart Remote and tell it what you want. You can change programmes and control your TV using voice control. Here are a few examples:

«… switch on device floor lamp

«… find the film The Matrix.»

«… what will the weather be like tomorrow in Bern.»

«… play Radio Energy.»

«… show my photos on myCloud.»

Smart tips for your Smart Remote

The Swisscom TV Smart Remote incorporates lots of practical functions for everyday use that will impress you. Not requiring a line of sight with the TV-Box is another bonus, and it replaces your TV remote control And it also looks great.

Fast forward

Recordings, VOD and Replay: Fast forward and rewind. Move one day forward or back in the TV Guide.


Move 30 seconds forward to and 10 seconds back in the current programme. Or 2 h in the TV Guide


Not just to confirm selections: press to display information on the current programme


Short press: Record. Long press: List all your recordings.


Second language, sub-titles, channel lists, information and filter options. Try it out yourself.

Last viewed

Short press: Back to last programme. Long press: List last viewed content.


You can also use Smart Remote to switch your TV set on and off and control the volume. Simply connect the remote control to the TV settings for easier TV operation.

Phenomenal performance: the Swisscom TV-Box

The small Swisscom TV-Box has an impressive Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 that promises phenomenal performance. Experience pictures in 4K Ultra High Definition and enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 home cinema sound. You can also connect up to five boxes.

The UHD-compatible TV-Box is easy to order through your TV or online in the Customer Center.

Every additional TV-Box (max. 4) costs 5.– per month. Activation and provisioning of the UHD-compatible TV-Box are free of charge for new Swisscom TV customers (instead of CHF 119.– per TV-Box). Offer does not apply if switching from the HD to the UHD-compatible TV-Box.

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