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My Swisscom E-Mail myCloud TV Network status Find a shop Contact

The new Swisscom Box with Voice Assistant.

«Hey Swisscom…»

Saying “Hey Swisscom” activates the Swisscom Box Voice Assistant. Then you say what you want it to do. With a simple command, you can control the TV, listen to music, view your photos and control your smart home. It’s the perfect way to start your evening’s viewing as you head to the sofa with your snacks and drinks.

«… switch on the TV.»

«… switch on device floor lamp

«… find the film The Matrix.»

«… what will the weather be like tomorrow in Bern.»

«… play Radio Energy.»

«… show my photos on myCloud.»

Performance & design

The Swisscom Box is sleek, small and offers outstanding performance. See the little coloured LEDs light up when the Voice Assistant registers your commands.

Your data is secure

The protection of your privacy is very important to Swisscom. All commands are processed anonymously, saved in encrypted form and only shared with third parties for the purpose of further processing.

Your Box keeps learning

The Swisscom Box continues to learn and become more useful. It speaks four languages and is acquiring a number of different dialects. New features are being added all the time. We’ll keep you posted.

The new Smart Remote

You will receive a new Smart Remote with every Swisscom Box. This replaces your TV remote control and does not require a line of sight with the Swisscom Box.

During a programme

Rewind 10 seconds

Pause and continue watching

Fast forward 30 seconds

Information about the programme you are watching

TV Guide

This gives you an overview of all TV programmes. See what is on when, record interesting programmes or watch live and replay programmes.


To record a programme – 1 x short press

To record a series – 2 x short presses

Watch recordings – 1 x long press


This button provides lots of useful information and viewing and filter options, such as second language, sub-titles, select channel list – give it a try!

Most recently watched

Switch between the two most recently watched programmes – 1 x short press

List of the most recently watched content – 1 x long press

Technical data


Remote control

TV-Box ports




Textile cover



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