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Swisscom Cockpit

Cost control when surfing the Internet abroad

What is the Swisscom Cockpit?

The Swisscom Cockpit gives you full cost control when you use the Internet abroad. The Swisscom Cockpit can be accessed free of charge around the world.

Access the Cockpit with your mobile subscription on your smartphone, tablet PC or laptop  at The connection is free, and you will not run up any costs, neither in Switzerland nor abroad.


With your mobile subscription

Keep an overview of remaining roaming days and data volume at all times
Clear notifications texted to you on expiry of roaming days and use of included data volume
Easy add on of data packages once included volume is used up

With data package

Full overview of remaining data volume and expiry
Clear notifications (e.g. red signals, SMS) on expiry or use of data volume
Buy attractive data packages at a click

Current costs, tariff details & settings

The data package volume is valid for the validity period (30 days) in all countries in the relevant zone.



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