Mobile phones, smartwatches and tablets for children

Children want to have their own mobile, while parents want to be able to contact their nearest and dearest at any time. But when is the right time for kids to get their own device? Discover our latest mobiles, smartwatches and tablets and choose the right subscription for your child.

Prepaid or subscription mobiles


To maintain complete control of costs: make unlimited calls to 5 Swisscom phone numbers and use the SMS credit function to top up your child’s phone on a one-off or regular basis.

inOne mobile prepaid young

  • Make unlimited calls in Switzerland to 5 Swisscom telephone numbers.
  • 500 MB high-speed data allowance included, thereafter unlimited continued surfing in Switzerland with 128 kbit/s.
  • Send unlimited SMS/MMS messages in Switzerland and abroad.

Price per 30 days


Mobile subscription

For greater freedom: Unlimited calls in Swisscom network, unlimited SMS/MMS to all providers and 1.5 GB of surfing data included.

Swiss mobile light young

  • Unlimited calls in Swisscom mobile and fixed network
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS (to all providers)
  • 1.5 GB surfing in Switzerland
  • Basic Speed: up to 50 Mbit/s


25.– / mth

Switch from prepaid to a subscription and benefit for 2 years

Smartwatches for children

If your child is still too young for their own mobile but you want to be able to contact them by phone, then you could choose a smartwatch. A smartwatch can make and receive calls, send voice messages and much more besides, so you can keep in touch with your family around the clock.

Movetime Family Watch MT40

Movetime Family Watch MT40

Instalment payment with subscription:

5.35 / mth

Apple Watch SE

Instalment payment with subscription:

14.50 / mth

Mädchen spielt mit Spielzeug auf einer Karte

Smartwatch subscription

The right subscription that allows you to use your smartwatch with a separate phone number will ensure you always know that your child is safe.

inOne mobile care

  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in Switzerland
  • 1 GB incl. per month
  • 1 Mbit/s Internet
  • 300 MB, 30 min. and 30 SMS usage abroad

Subscription price with device

9.– / mth


Tablets for children

Tablets are a good way to keep your child occupied, especially on longer trips. They can have fun learning new skills with various apps or watching the latest Disney film. Different tablets are available, depending on the age of your child and the application.

Alcatel TKEE Mid

Instalment payment with subscription:

5.75 / mth

Apple Watch SE


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