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International tariffs for your mobile phone

Surfing and calling when travelling and to countries outside Switzerland: discover the tariffs and data packages available for your mobile subscription.

Important adjustment of roaming offers as of 1 July 2021

Tariffs for international mobile use

Enter your destination and find out how much you will pay for telephony and Internet with your mobile subscription.

Control your costs in the Cockpit

Peace of mind when you surf abroad: you can check your credit at any time in the Cockpit and purchase additional data packages.

Data packages for more international Internet use

If you don’t have any data left for surfing abroad, simply purchase an additional data package starting at CHF 4.90 and enjoy cheap surfing on holiday.

Telephony and SMS credit abroad

Cheaper calls and SMS on holiday: CHF 15 gives you 30 SMS and 30 minutes of calls, as well as cheaper tariffs.

10 tips to avoid roaming costs

Select the right subscription or data package for you, offline apps and other useful tips to ensure your mobile bill after your next holiday doesn’t come as a nasty surprise.

Easy Travel Insurance

This leisure and travel insurance provides cover for unforeseen events before or during travel in Switzerland and abroad at a daily or annual rate.


All inclusive – even while travelling

With inOne mobile, you also enjoy unlimited mobile use outside of Switzerland. With the appropriate subscription, you can surf and call as much as you like in Europe, the USA or Canada.

Calls and SMS from Switzerland to other countries

Making international calls or sending SMS/MMS: find out the tariffs with your mobile subscription for all country groups.

Standard tariffs

Older subscriptions and prepaid

Help, instructions and tips

More about your mobile phone usage abroad,
roaming tariffs and your current costs in the Swisscom Cockpit.

Any questions?

Purchase advice by telephone

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