Universal Connection-Kit wireless

Would you like to connect several devices in several rooms with your router? The Universal Connection Kit is composed of three connection points allowing you to connect two aditionnal rooms.

This kit is suitable for connecting up to two Swisscom TV boxes. Additionally, to each connection point, you can connect up to three devices requiring an Internet connection.

We recommend you use this kit mainly in cases where the distance and the number of obstacles between the connection points are fairly small. The following rule of thumb applies here: the fewer the walls and floors that have to be cleared, the more suitable this technology is.

  • Good performance up to 300 Mbit/s data transmission rate
  • Devices do not require any configuration. You only have to plug them in
  • Encrypted connection for high security
  • WPS for an easy connection of further connection points
  • Accessories and connection cables are included in the package
  • Exclusive at Swisscom