What does an Internet speed of 2 Mbit/s (Vivo Casa 1 * speed) make possible?

2 Mbit/s is sufficient for applications such as everyday Internet surfing, emailing, Internet radio and small uploads and downloads.

Does 2 Mbit/s allow me to surf and watch TV at the same time?

Yes, surfing and watching TV run independently and do not affect the Internet speed.

As a Vivo Casa 1 * customer, do I need a new router?

You can continue to use the existing router if you already have a Swisscom Internet service.

Can I benefit from the TV Chalet offer as a Vivo Casa 1* customer?

No: TV Chalet in a second home requires a Vivo ** - ***** package in the main residence.

How long is the notice period on Vivo Casa 1*? What is the minimum contract?

As with other Vivo Casa packages, the notice period is 1 month, and there is a minimum 12 month contract for all Vivo packages. You can change between Vivo packages at any time and without incurring penalties or charges.