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Lenovo Yoga 6 

  1. Take out your chosen Internet subscription with blue TV X, L or M online now and get a Lenovo Yoga 6 worth 899.– for 99.–. 
  2. Following activation of the Internet and TV subscriptions, you will receive an e-mail with a link and the online voucher code. 
  3. Click the link, order the Lenovo Yoga 6 in the Online Shop and enter your code on the last page in the order process under ‘Add online voucher’. With the voucher, you will pay only 99.– for the Lenovo Yoga 6. 
  4. You will receive your Lenovo Yoga 6 a few days after the Internet and TV subscriptions are activated. 
  5. You are under no obligation to purchase the Lenovo Yoga 6 for 99.– with the voucher code. If you do not want a Lenovo Yoga 6, however, the minimum contract period will still be 24 months.