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Gigaset Keeper 1 Pack


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Where are my keys?

The keeper reveals their location.

Your keys have disappeared without trace: are they in your pocket or under the sofa cushions? The keeper finds out for you: the keeper app makes the mini transmitter ring and the LED lamp light up, so you can find your keys quickly and easily.

Where is my smartphone?

The keeper makes it ring.

The keeper app can locate all your valuables. But what happens when you lose your smartphone? The keeper comes to your rescue: press the keeper button twice to make your smartphone ring. So you can quickly find all essential items.

Where is my bag?

The keeper watches out for it.

Bags are often forgotten in cafés or when travelling. Thanks to the keeper that doesn't happen anymore: if the bag with the mini transmitter is too far away from your smartphone, the keeper app issues a push message, so you can't lose anything along the way any more.

What the keeper app does

  • It finds the keeper via LED light and acoustic signal
  • It finds smartphones by pressing the keeper button twice
  • It sends push messages when the keeper is out of range
  • It sends push messages when the keeper is back in range
  • Push messages, can be configured per keeper

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Product properties

General properties

Manufacturer: Gigaset
Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 9,2 mm
Weight: 12g
Scope of delivery: 1x keeper,
1x replacable CR2032 battery

Products specifications

Battery Type: CR2032 Batterie
Battery life: batterie life time: ca. 1 year
Bluetooth: Bluetooth® 4.0
Range: ca. 30 m
Water Splash Protection: Water-repellent (IPX7 Standard)
Compatibility: iPhone 4s, iPod touch (5th Gen) or newer, with iOS 9 or higher and Android Smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.4 or higher