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tiko power

Contribute to the largest energy storage network in Switzerland

Save up to 60% of heating energy

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Product properties

Support a better world

Being part of the tiko power network, you play an important role in the promotion of renewable energies, such as wind and solar. It's easy, just by joining, you contribute to changing the world.


Save energy and money

Why heat your home while you are away? Use the Eco Mode during short trips and longer vacations and save up to 60% of heating energy while you are away.


Gain control

With tiko power you gain total control of your heating equipment: you see when your heating devices are at work and how much energy they use. You can also compare your own consumption with the average of other tiko members, which helps you in assessing yourself on the path to energy efficiency.




Ensure comfort

Ensure comfort at all times: tiko power alerts you directly if your heating system suffers from an anomaly in its consumption. You get the information by SMS or by e-mail to allow you to react before your feel any impact on your comfort.


Remote control

Activate the Eco Mode, set up alarms and monitor your consumption from anywhere, at anytime thanks to the Member space and the tiko app on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's very simple to use and helps you control your heating system with just your fingertips. Download the tiko app. It's free.




Professionally installed

During installation, a certified technician will connect 2 boxes, or more if your facilities requires it. The control module (K-Box) will be installed in your electrical panel and the communication module (M-Box) in a room with the required connectivity. The boxes will then communicate over the existing electrical wiring of your house. It's really easy to be part of the tiko power network.