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Powerline 2000 Connection Adapter


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The latest generation Powerline adapters creates a network connection using the existing electric wiring. It is ideal for connecting the TV-Box with the Internet-Box if the TV is in a room separated from the router by thick walls or ceilings (e.g. cellar).

Features and compatibility

  • The Powerline 2000 adapter is designed to connect the second or third TV Box to the router
  • The adapter can only be used in tandem with the Powerline 2000 Connection Kit
  • The best connection between router and devices with an Ethernet port
  • Simple installation at the press of a button
  • Compatibility: Internet-Box , Centro grande, Swisscom TV (HD and UHD TV-Box) , older Powerline adapters*

Swisscom TV via Powerline

With the new Powerline adapters, you can enjoy Swisscom TV in UHD quality on up to three TV-Boxes at the same time. You need a Powerline 2000 adapter for the Internet-Box and every TV-Box.

Advice on perfect home networking

*If you are also using an older Powerline Connection adapter in the circuit, the power of all the adapters in use is reduced to the power of the weakest adapter.

  • Maximum transmission speed up to 2'000 Mbit/s
  • Effective data throughput: 150 to 300 Mbit/s
  • Integrated power-saving mode 0.3 W (standby); standard power consumption 4.3 W (data transmission) / 3.6 W (idle)
  • Expandable up to 4 Powerline adapters
  • Secure/encrypted transmission (AES 128 bit)
  • Adapter size: 112 × 58 × 76 mm
  • Weight per adapter: 170 g