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GEAR4 D3O Bank Dark for iPhone 7 Plus


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  • D3O® protects items when they are bumped, knocked or dropped
  • D3O® protects items dropped from up to 3 m
  • Transparent polycarbonate back
  • High-quality, non-slip TPU frame
  • Slim design

Product description

D3O® is an innovative high-tech material that protects items when they are bumped, knocked or dropped What is D3O®?
  • D3O® is a patented technology for manufacturing a soft, flexible material that absorbs shocks very well and is recognised as an "intelligent material".
  • D3O® has a unique molecular structure: under normal conditions the molecules move freely making the material soft and flexible. If there is any impact, however, the molecules link together to absorb and distribute the energy – reducing the force of the contact – before returning immediately to their flexible state.
  • D3O® has strain-rate sensitivity, so the harder the impact the stronger the reaction from the molecules, creating excellent protection.

Product video


Product Features

Main features

Producer: Gear4 D3O
Matching brand: Apple
Suitable models: iPhone 7 Plus

Products specifications

Product type: Back cover
Material: Polycarbonate
Business cards: No

Terms of contract

product guarantee period: 24 months