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HD-Phone Nyon


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Sophistically designed HD-Phone.

  • Calls in best HD sound quality
  • Ecomode plus: no radiation in standby mode
  • Large and illuminated keys
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Two-year guarantee

Product description

Swisscom's NyonHD-Phone allows you to enjoy all the benefits of fixed network telephony (IP).

Ease of use is ensured by a high-definition colour display with large and illuminated keys.

The HD phone Nyon only works with a  fixed network (IP) connection together with the Swisscom Internet-Box or Rousseau 10 base station.

Telephone functions

  • Two telephone directories ("Our contacts" and "My contacts") for joint and private use
  • 16 polyphonic ringtones
  • High definition colour display
  • Memory for up to 250 contacts
  • You can connect up to four 4 HD-Phones to the Internet-Box
  • Easy menu guidance in four languages (D,F,I,E)
  • Automatic software update

Comparison of our HD-Phones

Great functions with the Internet-Box app

  • Transfer contacts from the mobile phone to the fixed network telephone via the Internet Box app.
  • Manage your telephone numbers conveniently with the app; changes are transferred automatically to all handsets.



Terms of contract

product guarantee period: 24 months