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Use existing cell phone number for your hotspot 

With Multi Device and your inOne mobile subscription, you can use up to 10 additional devices with a SIM card or eSIM at the same time.   

Option Smartphones & Tablets

Price per month 10.—

Mobile Hotspot feature fast Mobile WiFi Internet speeds and long-lasting battery, bringing you and your family the ultimate Internet experience from anywhere, in home or out of home. As a perfect travel companion, the device supports all your service provider's domestic and international roaming bands, and brings WiFi to you across town or even when you travel the world.   

  • Download speed as per subscription
  • Calls, Internet and roaming as per subscription
  • eSIM or SIM card  included 
  • Free with blue mobile L & Connect Pack   
  • The Multi Device options are available with the blue Mobile S/M/L, inOne premium/basic and Swiss mobile light mobile subscriptions, as well as all SME and older subscriptions (Swiss mobile flat, inOne XS-XL, young).

No additional SIM card is required, activate the option directly in the cockpit.  
> Activate Multi Device (eSIM profile)

- A blue Mobile subscription is required to use the multi-device options. 

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