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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +

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Product description

Design – Aspirational Design

Edge Design and Metal Frame

Battery – Faster Charging, Longer Lasting

larger battery than S6 edge and faster wireless charging

Multimedia – Next Wave Video

Live Video Broadcasting inbuilt

Multimedia – Enriching Contents

Optimized for gaming and improved audio

Beauty & Power – Beautiful & Elegant Outside, the Utmost Power inside

Next level Design Architectural strength inside and out, fluid shapes of glass and metal und dynamic beauty seamlessly combined with purposeful power.

Innovative Dual Curved

Entirely new viewing experience with dual curved screen Immersive experience by slim bezel.


Take your low light photos to the next level. Capture the moment without waiting for the camera Super high resolution – on both sides.

Fast & Bright Camera with dual bright lens(F1.9) & real-time HDR. Never miss the moment with quick launching camera(0.7sec) in any screen The Fast AF tracks moving object. Real-time HDR with dual bright lens for brighter pictures & videos.

Plug-Free Power

Wireless & Fast Charging for staying connected longer. Built-in wireless charging feature (PMA & WPC compatible). No need for wireless charging accessory. Ultra fast charging giving 4hrs usage In 10min charging.

New 14nm Processor

World’s first 14nm processor delivers superior performance & better power efficiency. 64-bit AP with-64 bit OS (Android L) with the fastest GPU & new LPDDR4 memory system.

Smart Manager

Maintain the Best Condition by simple touch. Identify battery draining apps Clean up storage clogging junk files Better security with anti-malware.

KNOX Workplace

Secure mobile platform to satisfy Enterprise security requirements and employees.

Enhanced Security & EMM

Enhanced security using double layer protection, Fingerprint & Pin-code. Cloud-based MDM & Single Sign On for cross-platform enterprise mobility.

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