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Philips Hue Starter Kit


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  • Experiment with light and 16 million colors

    Synchronize your Philips hue lamps with movies and music

    From warm white to neutral white daylight

    Gently wake up to your personal sunrise

    Control your light from anywhere

Product description

Philips’ hue lux brings you bright and dimmable warm, white light that you can control from your smartphone or tablet. Step into the world of connected lighting, providing smart light control, fun and advanced features at the tap of an app.

Hue lux is smart, intuitive and easy to use. All the E27 bulbs are fully dimmable, without the need to install expensive dimmer switches, tearing up your walls in the process. Just unscrew your traditional light bulbs and replace them with hue LED light bulbs. The light quality is very high, and gives off a type of light equivalent to an incandescent globe.

Philips’ hue lux bulbs give off a bright, warm white light for a range of functions. It's so easy to set the light level for any activity you have in mind. Enjoy perfect digital dimming control from your smartphone/tablet - no more fiddling with dimmers or switches.

Terms of contract

product guarantee period: 24 months