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PIQ Ski Set


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  • LED matrix display for outdoor reading
    Waterproof (IP67) and hypoallergenic elastomer
    Gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure sensor
    Battery life of 5 hours
    Incl. PIQ multisport sensor, ski boot fitting & NFC activation card

Product description

Record all your ski lessons and track your progress. The PIQ sensor provides you with an overview of your downhill runs and detailed statistics. The Rossignol and PIQ app supplies a full analysis of your downhill runs along with details of your performance: maximum speed, time, ascent, descent, number of swings, jumps etc. Your PIQ score provides an analysis of your swings and jumps. PIQ Turn indicates your speed, G-force and curve angle for every swing, PIQ Jump indicates your turn, time in the air and G-force on landing for each jump. Set yourself a goal and compete against friends and the community. Live your passion to the full!

Rossignol and PIQ is the most advanced wearable technology for skiing on the market. With this unbreakable sensor and its accessory, you'll have access to a whole new skiing experience on the slopes and in the park. PIQ shows you all your turns and tricks. You'll know how much angle you've put into your turns or how explosive your transition from one ski edge to the other was. You'll also know everything about your jumps: number of rotations, angles, smoothness of landing and much more. PIQ will record the information and provide you with unique insights on your performance.

Record your runs

Record all your sessions and track your progress. Get an overview of your sessions as well as detailed statistics for each run. Rossignol and PIQ provides you with metrics such as the number of runs, turns and jumps, your vertical drop, your session time, and your personal bests.

Analyse your ski jumps and ski turns

Get your PIQ Score and accurate ski measurements of your performances. Get your performance for each jump: Rotation, Airtime, G-force at the landing. Get your ski performance for each turn: Transition, G-Force, and Carving.

Challenge your friends

Challenge yourself as well as your friends: set the scenario and send the ski challenges to your friends to join the ranks!

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Product properties

General Properties

Manufacturer: PIQ
Dimensions: 4.4 x 38.3 x 5.4 mm
Weight: 10 g
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Scope of delivery: 1x PIQ sensor and charger,
1x holder for the ski boot,
1x PIQ Fuel Batterie Pack (for 3 full loads),
1x NFC activation card

Products specifications

Display: LED
Compatibility OS: iOS 7 and higher / Android 4.3 and higher
Sensors: Gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure sensor

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