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Use a new number for your smartwatch

inOne mobile care
Price per month 9.—

With an inOne mobile care subscription you can now use any Apple Watch from Series 4 onwards with a separate phone number. So you or a family member can use the Apple Watch with your own number, without an iPhone. When activating the smartwatch, select Apple's “For a Family Member” mode to use the new watch with an inOne mobile care subscription.

  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS
  • 1 GB data per month
  • 1 Mbit/s surf speed

Requirements To activate:
- iPhone 6S or above with the latest  iOS 14 version
- Apple Watch Series 4 or above with eSIM and the latest version of watchOS 7

Use your existing mobile phone number for your smartwatch

Multi Device Option Watches & Wearables
Price per option per month 5.–

With Multi Device and your blue Mobile subscription, you can use up to 10 additional devices with a SIM card or eSIM at the same time. And you can still be contacted on the same telephone number any time. When activating the smartwatch, select Apple's “For me” mode to use the new watch with your existing mobile number and a Multi Device option.

  • Use the same number as your main device
  • Connect additional devices directly to the mobile network
  • Stay in touch or stream music on the move
  • Free Multi Device SIM or eSIM profile activation
  • The Multi Device options are available with the blue Mobile S/M/L, inOne premium/basic and Swiss mobile light mobile subscriptions, as well as all SME and older subscriptions (Swiss mobile flat, inOne XS-XL, young).

You don’t need an additional SIM card, simply activate the option directly in the cockpit. > Activate Multi Device (eSIM profile)

- To activate: iPhone 6S or above with the latest  iOS 14 version
- A blue Mobile subscription is required to use the Multi Device options


Some devices, including the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, do not yet support standalone roaming use and need to be connected to the smartphone when abroad. Check the Apple website(opens in new tab) for more details.


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*Activate a new Multi Device Watches & Wearables option with a smartwatch and we will waive the option fee of 5.–/mth for the first three months. The option will be subject to the standard conditions thereafter. Option requires a current, valid Swisscom mobile subscription (e.g. inOne mobile go, CHF 80.–/mth, minimum contract term of 12 months, activation fee of CHF 49.–). Customers can only take advantage of this promotion once.