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WLAN Booster


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Access Point WLAN

  • Dualband Access Point with WLAN a/b/g/n/ac
  • WPS button for an easy connection to WLAN devices
  • High data transmission rates up to u 450 Mbit/s for the 2.4 GHz- and up to 1300 Mbit/s for the 5 GHz network
  • Best coverage with 3 removable and adjustable antennas

Please note:

  • The WLAN Booster allows you to create a WLAN network if you don’t have one (your Internet Gateway is in the basement or you own a Centro Piccolo)
  • If you are looking for WLAN extension solution (some rooms are too far away from your WLAN Gateway), choose the WLAN Repeater

Product description

Are you still surfing the web without WLAN? Or does your WLAN not offer you enough possibilities?

Thanks to the integration of the latest technologies, the WLAN Booster creates the best WLAN network for your home. In order to allow the best transmission rate possible, two separate frequency ranges are simultaneously activated. While the usual 2.4 GHz network is adapted to devices requiring low capabilities, it has a wide reach radius. And the 5GHz network, with its low interference, allows a more demanding usage such as HD video transmission.

The WLAN Booster must be directly connected by cable to your router or to any Ethernet port in your home, thus allowing you to use the WLAN network at the location of your choice.


Terms of contract

product guarantee period: 24 months