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Xqisit Magnet Stereo Headset BT iE200


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  • Operation Range - Up to 10 Meters
  • Battery - Built-in 3.7V /60mAH Lithium Battery
  • Charging Time - About 2 hours
  • Playing Music Time - Up to 3.5 hours
  • Weight - About 16 g

Product description

There is something magical about being able to listen to music wherever you go, whenever you want. Especially when it’s simple, carefree and cable-free. Just like XQISIT’s BT IE200. These earphones were designed from the ground-up to provide the music lover on the go with some very nifty features. First-off, Bluetooth means you no longer have to thumble around with cords and cables. All it takes is one click to pair the BT IE200 with your music library and start listening to your favorite tunes. And if you need to take them off for whatever reason, the magnetic caps on the earphones allow you to attach the earbuds, keeping them secure around your neck and ready for use. Add to that, a rich sound quality and lightweight design and you have yourself a mobile companion you’ll never want to leave the house without.

Terms of contract

product guarantee period: 24 months