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Swisscom Academy adds value to the lives of people in Switzerland by helping them take full advantage of everything the digital world has to offer. Here are just a few of our course participants and their stories.

Stephan Schwarz, architect

Caring for the future

Manuel Imboden

A self-made man

Manuel Imboden loves to create new things – whether its movies or 3D models. We first met him at the 3D Print Workshop at Swisscom Academy

Susanne Pfister,
cookbook author

On mushrooms, recipes and photos

With a passion for mushrooms and cooking, Susanne Pfister decided to combine both in a mushroom cookbook. At the Swisscom Academy, she learned how to make her photos for the cookbook even better.

Rita Güntensperger, globetrotter

Never stand still

Who are we?

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Edelene, Yaw and Yuwela Lam, siblings

3D family outing

Wieso die drei Geschwister Lam bei Swisscom Academy im 3D-Druck Workshop waren und wieso sie die Möglichkeiten der digitalen Welt schätzen.


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