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Family Lam

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3D family outing

Yaw, Juwela and Edelene Lam are three siblings who took part in the 3D Print Workshop at Swisscom Academy. They chat about why they made it a family event and the things that young people are grappling with today.

Yaw Lam, 26

  • has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology
  • is starting his first job
  • recently moved out

Juwela Lam, 23

  • is studying for a Master’s degree in Food Science
  • travelled for some months through Canada, Alaska and the US after her Bachelor’s degree
  • is saving to backpack around the world
  • iPhone SE

Edelene Lam, 19

  • in her last year of secondary school, close to the end
  • would like to spend a gap year in Latin America, possible Mexico
  • is learning Spanish
  • wants to study or work afterwards, she's not sure yet
  • works in a bar in Zurich's old town for fun
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

Why have you all taken part in the 3D Print Workshop together?

Juwela und Edelene: Because of him!

Yaw: I find 3D printing really interesting. I definitely wanted to try out this technology for myself and find out how it works. So I asked my sisters if they wanted to come with me.

Juwela: It didn’t mean a lot to me. But when he turned up with Dropbox another time I had no idea what it was and now I love it. So I thought this would be something similar.

Have you learned anything in the course that you didn't know before?

Juwela: Definitely. I had no idea that 3D printing was so accessible for anyone today.

You can also print something yourself in the course.

Edelene: I accidentally destroyed Yaw’s 3D print in the course. I wasn’t looking and printed over his shape. (All laugh) So the course was fun!

You spoke about Dropbox before, which apps to you use the most?

Yaw: Facebook, SBB, Spotify and Wunderlist from time to time.

Juwela: What is that?

Yaw: Wunderlist lets you make lists and share them with various people. I can write a shopping list, for example, and when you have bought something on it you can just tick it off.

Juwela: That's cool! I’d not heard of that. I mostly use Facebook, the SBB app and Instagram. The app for the Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASZV) is really handy too and lets me see which sports courses are on just now.

Edelene: I use Snapchat too.

Juwela: What for?

Edelene: To send nonsense! (laughs) Now and again I use the app from, which shows what parties are happening where.

Yaw: And we all use WhatsApp of course. Most of all.

Juwela: My problem is that I don't have lots of storage on my mobile phone so I can’t download lots of apps.

What do you think about the issue of data protection?

Yaw: I’m a bit sceptical in that regard. I believe that you need to be aware that everything is stored somewhere. We give away too much about ourselves. Although I still post photos of myself.

Edelene: I don’t think much about it.

Juwela: When WhatsApp was bought by Facebook, I switched to Telegram. I had to download it to keep it. But that’s finished now too.

What else do you like doing?

Edelene: Alongside school, I work in a bar in the Zurich old town, which was always a dream of mine and is something I really enjoy. I also enjoy drawing and sport.

Juwela: I like trying all kinds of sports like CrossFit, rowing, climbing and canoeing. I’d also really like to try sailing.

Yaw: My hobbies include jogging and I use the Runtastic app. I have also worked with the Red Cross Youth organisation for several years. I take city tours on various topics for the residents of the transit centres. They are not allowed to work so we get involved with them and show them the city. One of the reasons I do that is that my family also has a migration background and because the people have really interesting stories to tell.

3D Print Workshop at Swisscom Academy

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