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Manuel Imboden

  • Manuel Imboden

A self-made man

Manuel Imboden loves to create new things – whether its movies or 3D models. We first met him at the 3D Print Workshop at Swisscom Academy

Manuel Imboden, with his blond beard and dark glasses, welcomes us into his office on Bern's Speichergasse. The old school building is now home to lots of studios with affordable rents, offering artists the opportunity to create great things on a low budget. That’s also the aim of Rise and Shine Films. How did it come about? “I just fell into it,” he says with a shrug.

Manuel Imboden

Born  1987
Resident Bern
Smartphone iPhone X
Favourite app
Most used app   Trello, Feedly
App for work      Box Capture

Manuels story

After school, Manual went to university in Zurich, taking film studies as a minor option. However, in the years that followed, he became a largely self-taught filmmaker, producing various short films with other people.

In 2011, he received a commission from Bern University of Applied Sciences. And that led from one commission to the next. “After five rather difficult years of study I got up on my last day of university and posted off an application to found my own company.” That was summer 2013. As well as the films other people commission, he also regularly works on his own productions: “When we have the time and some money, we try to carry out our own projects on very small budgets.”

Instead of filming, however, his last production was a 3D print. Having heard a lot about it, he wanted to try out the new technology for himself. In the Swisscom Academy workshop, anyone can learn how to design a 3D object on the computer, use a 3D printer and then print their own model – without any previous experience.

Manuel printed out a roll of film to exhibit. It is rather on the small side, but looks very stylish. The next time he wants to create something functional, such as a replacement part for a broken camera.

He is happy that life has turned out this way. Every day is different. One minute he is writing a script and the next he is working out “how to fix a 20 kilogram light on a tripod so that it doesn't fall on anyone's head”.

3D Print Workshop at Swisscom Academy

Would you like to learn how to print things in 3D too? Experience 3D printers in action and let the experts show you the new options available. They will also answer your questions and give you some insider tips, like how to print your project cost effectively and sustainably. Anyone who wants to can also take home a small 3D object they have designed themselves – fresh from the printer. More information is available here.