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Rita Güntensperger

  • Rita Güntensperger

Never stand still

Rita Güntensperger is a regular at the Swisscom Academy. The busy Aargau resident has completed a host of courses and likes to keep things interesting in her day-to-day life too.

She is a welcoming, sprightly lady – that’s immediately apparent as she greets me to her home in Bad Zurzach, Aargau. The weather is fantastic and we sit in her well-tended garden. She starts to describe her life. And there's plenty to tell. Rita Güntensperger exudes a zest for life; capturing all her activities and interests in just a few lines is impossible.

She drew the attention of her trainer at the Swisscom Academy when she made an interesting discovery. The photography course made an impression: “It’s what gave me the idea while out on a hike of turning my hiking pole into a selfie stick.” (See photo: she used the hole in her mobile phone case as a hook.) She laughs out loud and is clearly enjoying herself. “The problem with older people like me is that we don’t trust ourselves to handle new technology. Young people are more fearless and just go for it.”


And she’s not closed to technical progress in other areas either. On the contrary: “I realised at some point that I had to do something otherwise I would end up standing still.” To fully get to grips with her current iPhone 8 and its predecessors, Rita Güntensperger completed all the beginner iPhone courses (modules 1, 2 and 3 plus the workshop). She also found out about new apps in various other courses, such as “Using your smartphone abroad”.

For Rita Güntensperger, it was (and still is) very important to never stand still: whether physically – she and her Bruno still enjoy travelling to exotic destinations and spend lots of their leisure time dancing – or mentally. It was only in her 40s that she discovered her love of theatre, for example, and has been a regular in local theatre productions since.

“Sometimes I wonder where I get my energy from,” she says, continuing to list her various activities. Active in various voluntary roles, she also supports her husband in the background and still helps now and again as a teacher and special needs’ teacher. Rita Güntensperger has consciously created variety, which reflects her zest for life: “I am never bored!”

Courses for beginners at Swisscom Academy

Get to know your smartphone as well as Rita Güntensperger. Unlock the potential of your device in our modular, step-by-step courses “Using and exploring your smartphone”. Then extend your knowledge in courses such as “Using your smartphone abroad” or “Editing photos” and increase your smartphone enjoyment even more.