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Stephan Schwarz

  • Stephan Schwarz

Caring for the future

Stephan Schwarz took the indirect route to architecture, has a refreshingly understated passion for sustainability and is president of the Tesla Owners Club Switzerland. When he took part in the 3D Print Workshop run by Swisscom Academy he also convinced the Swisscom Academy trainer to join his club too.


When he speaks about Tesla, it all streams out: the knowledge he has acquired over the years about the make and the cars. The experiences he has had. The pride he feels to be part of this special group of people. And the joy that the cars give him every day.

Stephan Schwarz, with his iPhone 8 and 13-inch MacBook in front of him on the desk, is president of the Tesla Owners Club Switzerland. The underground garage at his home houses both models that Tesla have brought to the market so far: the Roadster and Model S.

At the age of 29, Stephan Schwarz became a self-employed architect in 1999. He doesn’t make a big deal about the fact that his work is sustainable. That goes without saying. It's not the sustainability itself that seems to be of interest to him but the opportunities that working sustainably brings. “You need to teach people that that environmental protection is worth it in the long term and then everyone will get on board,” he says, including electric cars in this approach.

Stephan Schwarz

Mobile phone: iPhone 8
Laptop: Macbook Air
Favourite apps: Glympse, Sharoo

Stephan Schwarz is interested in the latest technology, which is why he attended the 3D Print Workshop run by Swisscom Academy; and because this type of technology is exciting for architects generally. The course is not just about printing: Experts also provide insider tips and explain how you can print out your own projects sustainably and cost effectively. 3D printing is forward-looking, just like electric cars

Regaling a particularly memorable experience with his special car, he recalls: “I was sitting with a few colleagues from the Tesla Club in my office, as we do from time to time. We were smoking cigars and drinking whisky. But this night we ran out of whisky. So we sat there and thought about where we could get some at that late hour. Then one of us said: ‘Well that's obvious – in Edinburgh!’ So we met a few days later and the three of us travelled to Scotland within 20 hours. With a Tesla Model S, of course!”

Stephan Schwarz takes his smartphone from the desk and opens ‘Glympse’ – an app that lets you share information about your own location with other users in real time: “News of our plan spread quite quickly so Tesla Motors Scotland welcomed us with a drinks reception when we arrived. Then we purchased our whisky, spent the night in Edinburgh and headed back to Switzerland – all with free electricity from the Superchargers.”

3D Print Workshop at Swisscom Academy

Would you like to learn how to print things in 3D too? Experience 3D printers in action and let the experts show you the new options available. They will also answer your questions and give you some insider tips, like how to print your project cost effectively and sustainably. Anyone who wants to can also take home a small 3D object they have designed themselves – fresh from the printer. More information is available here.