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Susanne Pfister

  • Susanne Pfister

On mushrooms, recipes and photos

With a passion for mushrooms and cooking, Susanne Pfister decided to combine both in a mushroom cookbook. As well as creating the recipes, she also took the photos herself – using only her smartphone. At the Swisscom Academy, she learned how to make her photos even better.

Susanne Pfister has everything already prepared: five different mushroom varieties are chopped, the pans are ready and the onions are waiting to be added. The spacious kitchen that is the location of today's cookery session is the detached house that is home to the Pfister family.

A few months ago, Susanne Pfister published her own mushroom cookbook: “The book was simply a dream of mine.” For a long time she has been involved with the local mushroom association, vice president for the past three years. It was at one of these meetings that started chatting to a graphic designer. She spoke to him about her long-cherished desire to publish a mushroom cookbook. Just one year later, she is holding the book in her hands.

Susanne Pfister

Resident: Reichenburg
Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S7

The first stage was creating the recipes, which came relatively easily to Susanne Pfister. The next step was the photography – something Susanne had little experience of. However, she was encouraged to take the photos for the book herself. The graphic designer gave her some tips and she set to. Clicking away with her Samsung Galaxy S7, she would typically send the designer more than 60 photos of each dish. “I just couldn’t decide,” she laughs.


At this point, picture editing was a mystery to her. It was only later, at the mobile photo-editing workshop of Swisscom Academy, that she was introduced to the convenient photo-editing apps for mobile phones. In this three-hour course, the participants all learned how to create amazing photos quickly and easily with a smartphone. As well as tools and apps, the course also covered the fundamentals of image composition and picture editing, with details on how to use various accessories. Susanne Pfister only attended the workshop after the publication of her book. Would she have done anything differently had she been on the course beforehand? “I would definitely have used a tripod. Otherwise I had to constantly hold my breath when I took pictures to make sure they did not blur. It would have been really good if I had known about that in advance,” she says with a laugh.

In the meantime, the mushrooms for the Nasi Goreng are sizzling away. They are cut bigger than you would expect in a restaurant: “If there is a dish containing mushrooms you should be able to taste them.” They should also have some bite so Susanne Pfister always cooks them separately from the other vegetables and just for a short time.

The table is set. Just time to take a quick photo on the phone. Susanne Pfister is happy with the photograph and the dish.

Mobile photo workshop from Swisscom Academy

No more snaps. Discover how to create amazing photographs on your smartphone. Click here for more information on the mobile phone photo workshop at Swisscom Academy.