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Online Services

7 things that are easier online.

1. Manage your bills & product settings

My Swisscom App

Do you have an iPhone or Android phone?

The most popular features of the Customer Center are also available as an app.

2. Fix internet issues automatically


My Swisscom Assistant

  • Helps you set up email, internet and Wi-Fi on your computer
  • Detects and fixes problems with your internet automatically
  • Helps you improve the quality/speed of your Wi-Fi

CHF0.– / month Details
${xtraDiscount} XTRA discount incl.
Instead of ${priceInstead}

Internet Security

Internet Security protects your Windows & Mac- Computer and your Android Smartphone against viruses, hackers and spyware.

CHF6.90 / month Details
${xtraDiscount} XTRA discount incl.
Instead of ${priceInstead}

3. Using your phone abroad

Use the Roaming Cockpit to keep track of your current usageor to buy data packages when you are abroad.

Swisscom Roaming Cockpit
Tips: using your smartphone abroad

4. Choose & use your smartphone

Our website won't only help you choose and buy the mobile phone that is right for you - it will also help you set up your mobile phone and discover its most important features:

Check out and order smartphones
Find a Swisscom Shop 
Set up your email address on your phone
Interactive guides for your smartphone

5. Top up your prepaid credit

Are you a NATEL® easy customer? Use the Swisscom Cockpit to top up your credit. You can pay with your Postfinance and credit card or charge the top up to your phone bill.

Top up your prepaid credit online

6. Let other customers help you

Do you have a question about any of our products? Most of the times someone has already found and published the answer in our customer forum.

Swisscom Community

7. Check your order status

Did you order from our online shop or did you change your subscription? Visit to check your order status online.