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1811 – Switzerland's directory enquiries number.
Expertise and reliability since 1921.

Are you looking for the telephone number of a doctor, the business number of a furniture store, or the address of a restaurant near to you? Nothing easier. Simply call Swisscom's information service on 1811. We offer professional support when searching for current address - both national and international ones. Around the clock. Seven days a week. In German, French, Italian and English. By phone or SMS.
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1811 SMS enquiry

How to retrieve addresses and telephone numbers

Simply send an SMS with your surname, first name, town/postcode to the number 1811. You will receive a reply by SMS with the telephone number of the person you are looking for.

How to retrieve names and addresses

Send an SMS with the telephone number of the person you are looking for to the number 1811. You will receive an SMS reply containing the name and complete address of the owner of this telephone number.


  • The 1811 SMS enquiry can only provide the addresses and telephone numbers of persons who are listed in the telephone directory. The data is based on the information contained in the telephone directory of Swisscom.
  • Abbreviate the search terms: In order to make entering the information easier, you can shorten long search terms by using the star symbol (*). Example: Sample San* Ber* stands for Sample Sandra from Bern.
  • using the star symbol (*). Example: Sample San* Ber* stands for Sample Sandra from Bern. — Search with the postcode instead of the town/city: If, for example, you are looking for a restaurant in Solothurn and know that the postcode of Solothurn is 4500, you could formulate your search request as follows: Restaurant 4500.

Search results with map

Did you call 1811 with your mobile? You will then receive an SMS* automatically with information on the search result and a map link.

* The SMS is free of charge. The costs for data transmission when using the map depend on the respective Mobile subscription or NATEL® easy offer.

1145 – The information service for people with visual or physical impairments

Here you can find out more about 1145, as well as information on registering and the contact options.


Telephone directory enquiries

Connection fee for two queries CHF 1.90
Cost per minute and call forwarding* CHF 1.90/Min. (per-second billing)
*No forwarding possible with Mobile Prepaid  

SMS enquiry

Calls from public payphones

All prices in CHF incl. VAT.

All prices in CHF incl. VAT.

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The former 111 - Swiss information services since 1921.