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Move away from paper bills

Enjoy the benefits of paperless billing.

Why switch to online billing?

Keep an overview of current charges:

Check your current charges and the status of your inclusive units online in the Customer Center. You can do this easily under the menu point "Bills and charges".

Know when the bill is coming:

We will inform you via e-mail when the latest bill is available in the Customer Center.

Keep an overview of bills:

You can see your paid and unpaid bills in the Customer Center. If necessary you can simply extend the payment deadline for an overdue bill. You can see your bills in the Customer Center for up to two years.

How do I pay without a payment slip?


We send you the reference number for your bill either via e-mail or in the Customer Center. This enables you to pay your bill conveniently using your bank's e-banking system. You can find out more information about e-banking from your bank or post office. For instance, the Credit Suisse website provides you with more information about e-banking.

You can find out information about direct debiting, Debit Direct and e-billing here.

Support the WWF in the Alps

Swisscom is supporting WWF projects in the Alps as part of its commitment to paperless billing.

Diverse living areas, a unique world of animals and plants and dramatic weather conditions – the Alps is the most visited mountain range in the world, with Europe's greatest concentration of biological diversity.

For more information on protecting the Alpine region, see WWF homepage

Our partnership with the WWF

We have been working with the WWF since 2006. As a WWF Climate Savers partner, we have committed to optimising energy consumption in our business and to keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible with our products.

You can find out more on the WWF homepage

As a partner, Swisscom also supports the WWF footprint calculator WWF Footprint-Rechner und die and the WWF advisor app.