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Swisscom Internet-Box (10/2013 today)

Power consumption

Operational mode Power consumption in watts
Off < 0.14 W  
On (no data transmission) 9.0 W 10.6 W*
On** (with data transmission)
10.1 W 11.4 W*

* Central storage on (SD card inserted)

** Normal operating mode:
Internet-Box with a fibre-optic connection.
With 1 WLAN device connected to each 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN connection, both watching a YouTube video.
1 Rousseau 300 IP telephone at the DECT base station. 1 Swisscom TV-Box with Ethernet cable connection and television channel with HD resolution running.


Bei täglichem Gebrauch

With the Internet-Box you can deactivate functions that you don't need or set fixed power-on times. You save energy and still guarantee the basic functions. If you deactivate WLAN, the central storage and DECT telephony, you reduce your power consumption by up to 3 W.

To save even more power you can unplug your Internet-Box from the mains when it is not in use. Even if the start-up takes a moment, this is how you reduce your power consumption most. However, the Internet, WLAN, fixed network telephony (IP) and Swisscom TV are not then operational.

Please remember: Once a month you must leave your Internet-Box switched on for four nights in succession so that we can update the security settings.

The Internet-Box has to be in operation to use your Swisscom TV-Box. Always launch the Internet-Box first, wait until the connection with the Internet is running and then launch the Swisscom TV-Box.

Longer periods of non-use

If you don’t need the Internet-Box for several days or even weeks, e.g. during the holidays, it is best to disconnect it from the power with the mains adapter. This further reduces consumption considerably.

In addition to the Internet-Box, Swisscom TV users also need to unplug the TV-Box during longer periods of non-use. When you start up again, wait until the Internet-Box is connected to the Internet before reactivating the TV-Box.

Additional information

You will find further information about the Internet-Box on the following pages

Additional energy-saving tips

Discover the Internet-Box

Your yearly savings potential

Deactivate WLAN, storage device, DECT

Up to around 20 kWh

By switching off

12 hours a day, up to 40 kWh

Four weeks of holidays, up to 6 kWh


Total: around 50 kWh


200 days

That's enough to light an energy saving lamp around the clock for around 200 days.