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Swisscom TV-Box 2.0

Swisscom TV-Box IP1200 (04/2014 – today)

Power consumption

Operational mode Power consumption in watts
Off 0 W
On 5.6 W
Active Standby 3.8 W


If used daily

The new Swisscom TV-Box only uses half the power of the previous box even when it is fully operational. Because it is fully operational in just 30 seconds, you can turn it off completely overnight or during the day or disconnect it from the power source. The energy consumption is virtually zero and all the recording functions are still available.

Longer periods of non-use

If you are not planning to use your device for several days or even weeks, e.g. during your holidays, we recommend you unplug it from the mains. This will reduce your energy consumption to zero. You can continue to use all the recording functions and still enjoy Swisscom TV 2.0 on your smartphone or tablet. When you start up again, wait until the modem is connected to the Internet before reactivating the TV-Box.

Additional information

Find out why you can record with Swisscom TV 2.0 plus even when the TV-Box is switched off and other information on the product detail pages.

More on Swisscom TV 2.0 plus

Your annual savings potential

Switched off

Switch off for 12 hours a day during the night/while you are at work – up to 16.5 kWh
Four weeks of holidays, up to 2.5 kWh

Total 19 kWh

80 hours

That's enough to light an energy saving lamp around the clock for around 80 days.


Powerline ECO Control Adapter

Switch connected devices on/off via the Internet and measure your energy consumption