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TV-Box KMM3010-SC-B

KMM3010-SC-B (6/2008 – 2/2012)

Power consumption

Operational mode Power consumption in watts
On 16.8 W
Active Standby 9.5 W


If used daily

We recommend standby mode in daily use.

In case of non-use for a longer period of time

If you are not planning to use your device for several days or even weeks, e.g. during your holidays, we recommend you unplug it from the mains. This will achieve the best energy savings possible.
However, this also deactivates all recording functions. When you start up again, wait until the modem is connected to the Internet before you switch on the TV box.

Your savings potential per annum

With Off

Four weeks of holidays, up to 6 kWh

25 days

An energy saving lamp will then be illuminated around the clock for around 25 days.


Powerline ECO Control Adapter

Switch connected devices on/off via the Internet and measure your energy consumption