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STB3310-NDVR-A (2/2012 – today)

Power consumption

Operational mode Power consumption in watts
Off 0.2 W
On 10.8 W
Active Standby 8.9 W
Deep Standby 0.6 W


If used daily

If you don’t need your device for more than two hours, select the energy-saving Deep Standby option. Although activating takes a little longer (up to two and a half minutes), you will reduce power consumption substantially.

In case of non-use for a longer period of time

If you are not planning to use your device for several days or even weeks, e.g. during your holidays, it will use hardly any energy in Deep Standby mode. But of course you will save the most if you disconnect it from the mains altogether. When you start up again, wait until the modem is connected to the Internet before you switch on the TV box.

Activating Deep Standby

Deep Standby can be easily activated and configured using your remote control: Press MENU -> SETTINGS -> ENERGY-SAVING OPTIONS

Your savings potential per annum

with Deep Standby

50% and more, on average around 27 kWh

With Off

Four weeks of holidays, up to 6 kWh

Total: 33 kWh


140 days

Vous éclairez une ampoule à économie d’énergie 24h/24 pendant env. 140 jours.