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    three tips for taking better photos with your smartphone

Perfect photos with your smartphone camera

Golden autumn has arrived!

It’s the ideal season for leisurely hikes in the mountains or through the changing colours of the forests. The magical, warm autumn light is the perfect backdrop for memorable photos with your smartphone. Follow Swisscom Academy’s three tips to capture great shots with your smartphone.

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Tip 1: Follow the one-third rule

The focus does not always have to be at the centre of the image – this can look rather boring. The horizontal and vertical guidelines on your smartphone display will help you place your subject in a more interesting spot: try one of the four intersections or lines and surprise yourself.

Tip 2: Adjust the focus

Tap the point on your smartphone screen where you want the camera to focus. You will see a bright square that marks the sharpest point of the image. You can save the setting for this photo by pressing down on the focus point for about two seconds.

Tip 3: Move closer to the subject

Smartphone cameras have a digital zoom that visually enlarges the image. However, for the best resolution of your image we recommend that you move as close as possible to your subject instead of using the digital zoom.

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And if you want to get even more from your smartphone, Swisscom Academy offers courses for beginners looking for a great introduction to the digital world, and also courses for advanced users.

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Find out everything you need to know about your smartphone (Android, iOS). Write text messages, operate the camera, install apps and understand data privacy – our expert trainers show you in small groups how to get the most out of your smartphone in everyday life.

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Photo workshops for advanced users

Learn from our trainers how to take creative and sharp photos with your smartphone camera (Android, iOS). Our Swisscom Academy trainer will show you all the possibilities of image composition and editing, as well as the best tools and apps to take your photos to the next level.

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