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  • Our My Service experts recommend:

    Spring cleaning for your PC.

Five tips for a quicker and more secure PC

Get your PC fit for the new year. Our My Service experts’ practical tips show you how to make your PC quicker and more secure. Our My Service experts are here to help if you require personal support.

👍 Service tips
Tip 1 Computer expert check 

A My Service expert will carry out the following tasks on your computer via remote access:


  • Performance check
  • Deletion of unused programs and files
  • Security settings check
  • Advice on passwords and data security
  • Fixes for minor issues

As an individual service or free for My Service subscribers (subscription from CHF 19/month).

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Tip 2 Change your passwords

Simple passwords can be easily guessed by fraudsters, and should be changed regularly.

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Tip 3 Change your passwords via the Customer Center
  Your Swisscom Login Password and email passwords can be easily changed via the Customer Center.

Tip 4

Empty your recycle bin and delete temporary files


Empty your email program’s deleted items regularly and delete temporary internet and website files from your browser. Then restart your browser. This helps you save valuable storage space. 


Tip 5

Update programs regularly

  Update your operating system and installed programs such as Java, Flash Player and Acrobat Reader regularly when reminded to do so. For security reasons, these should always be kept up to date.

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