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  • Enjoy a relaxing holiday with our Swisscom services:

    Five expert tips for a
    stress-free summer break.

Handle important issues on the go in the customer center.

Too busy preparing for your holiday to set up call forwarding or remember when invoices are due? No problem. With the Swisscom customer center, you can handle the most important issues online – even from your deckchair.

Tip 1 - Stay in contact while on holiday

Set up your desired call forwarding service in our customer center and stay in contact.

Tip 2 - Change the payment deadline for invoices

Have you forgotten to pay an invoice before your holiday? Change the payment deadline in the customer center.

The My Swisscom app will also remind you when invoices are due via push notifications.

Tip 3 - Using your login details on unfamiliar computers

Are you planning to log in using your personal details on a hotel computer or at an internet café? Swisscom recommends that you only use your personal login on your own devices.

If you're unsure, you can change your login details and other passwords at any time in the customer center to protect your account from unwanted access.

Tip 4 - Access your Combox from abroad

You’ll need a PIN in order to access messages in your Combox from abroad. If you've forgotten your Combox PIN, you can easily change it in the customer center.

Tip 5 - Carry out a security check on your device

Do you want to check your device’s security before or after your holiday, or scan it for malware and viruses?

The security check from the My Service experts offers a cost-effective solution. (Free with a My Service subscription)

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