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Swisscom Bon

Gift cards ("Swisscom Bon")

Swisscom issued Swisscom gift cards in credit card format up to March 2017. They can be used as follows until their expiry date:

  • Payment method in Swisscom Shops
  • For cash transactions in Swisscom Shopsmax. CHF 100.—

N.B. Redemption on your Swisscom bill is not possible due to the provisions of the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA). This is why we cannot provide call centre support either.

Online vouchers

Online vouchers will still be issued for marketing purposes. They will be in ABCD EFGH format and generally sent per e-mail. They may come with special conditions (e.g. minimum order value) and can be used as follows until their expiry date:

  • Discount option in the online shop:

N.B. These online vouchers cannot be used either in the call centre or Swisscom Shops.
If you have any questions about online vouchers you can use our contact form.

The online voucher is a personal credit that entitles you to a discount when making a purchase in the Online Shop. It may only be redeemed in the Swisscom Online Shop. Please note that the online voucher is valid for a limited period of time and that only one voucher per person and order may be used. To deduct the value of the online voucher from a purchase price, simply enter your personal 8-digit code in the appropriate field in the shopping cart under Step 1 "Payment method". The online voucher may be redeemed for a wide range of products and services. Products that are excluded from voucher redemption include: gift vouchers from Swisscom, Taxcards, PWLAN Cards, NATEL® Value Cards. Likewise, the online voucher may not be applied to leased products.