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The Swisscom guarantee

Our warranty services

Swisscom offers a comprehensive range of expert advice and high-quality products. Should, however, a warranty issue should arise, we will also be happy to assist you after the sale.

Guarantee overview


Free shipping

Simply order with the click of a mouse. We deliver quickly and no longer charge for shipping.


Money-back guarantee

Swisscom grants a money-back guarantee on all purchases. Should a product fail to meet your expectations, simply return it within 14 days to the Shop where you bought it, together with the original packaging plus the purchase receipt and warranty certificate. Swisscom kindly asks you for your understanding that articles can only be returned in undamaged or unopened condition (software, DVDs and consumable materials).


Two-year guarantee

Devices bought from Swisscom are covered by a 2-year guarantee. If your phone, fax machine, modem, mobile phone or mobile PC card is defective, simply return it together with the purchase receipt and the guarantee certificate.


Replacement device warranty

Swisscom ensures that you can still be reached even while your fixed network phone, fax machine, modem or mobile phone are being repaired. As a Swisscom customer, you can take advantage of a modern and powerful replacement device, free of charge.


Setup guarantee

Swisscom ensures that each mobile phone purchased in the Swisscom Shop or Swisscom Online Shop is ready for use. You don’t need to set anything up yourself; you can start making calls within just a few minutes.


Legal aspects

You can find the terms regarding use of the website, our products and of our services here.

> Repair smartphone

Mobile phone and tablet insurance

Protection from the following damage:

  • Drop and display damage
  • Water damage
  • Call misuse due to theft

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Faulty mobile phone

Is your smartphone defective and you would like to have it repaired?


> Faulty mobile phone