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Swisscom Home App

The smart remote control
for your home

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Swisscom Home App features

Use the Swisscom Home app to control your appliances at home, check what’s happening at home when you're not there and get support when installing appliances.


Make life a little easier for yourself


Set customised WLAN power-on times and activate guest WLAN for your visitors. Optimise your home network using Internet tests. Limit time spent online using the Parental Controls function.

Smart Home

You can quickly transform your home into a smart home. Lighting that you can control from anywhere. Music that plays wirelessly in all rooms. And cameras that alert you when something is happening.

Making and receiving calls

Make and receive fixed-line calls with your smartphone via WLAN: you can take fixed-line calls on your smartphone and it’s easy to synchronise your smartphone and fixed-line contacts.


Smart helpers for your home

Small gadgets, big impact. Our smart ideas for your smart home and your travels are here to make your life easier.

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Who's involved?

The Home app supports many selected smart home products and connects them to our platform. We are also working hard to add more products to the Home app family all the time.

Click here for a complete list of all supported appliances: View all products

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Home app is compatible
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Swisscom Home App

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