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From inOne to blue: how your subscription is changing

The overview shows how your existing Swisscom subscription will change with the move to blue on 23 May and which subscriptions you can continue to use without any changes.

The following subscriptions will be adjusted on 23 May:

TV M – twice the recording time 

inOne TV M will change to blue TV M

  • 250h recording instead of 120h
  • All other services will remain the same
  • 24.90/mth instead of 25.00/mth

TV L – more recording time 

inOne TV L will change to blue TV L

  • 2,000h recording instead of 1,200h
  • 20+ Premium channels now optionally available for 9.–/mth
  • All other services will remain the same
  • 34.90/mth instead of 35.00/mth

Your existing subscription is not listed?

The following subscriptions will remain unchanged following the move to blue. You can continue to use these subscriptions or, from 23 May, opt to switch to a new blue subscription.

  • inOne home light and Vivo subscriptions
  • inOne TV S to be renamed blue TV S (5.–/month)
  • inOne TV X to be renamed blue TV X