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Offers for everyone under 26

Digital TV as you'd like it: best picture and sound quality, unrivalled variety of channels, Replay for missed programmes, recording in the cloud, plus for free: TV Air with the fantastic app, so you can watch what you want on your smartphone, tablet and laptop, where and as you like.



Benefits with Vivo

Mobile Abo with XTRA discount

Find the right mobile subscription.

1 Details apply for customers with a fibre-optic connection and Internet-Box. For copper subscribers with Vivo XL, L, M max. 100/20 (in selected areas with Vivo XL max. 500/100, Vivo L 300/60), Vivo S max. 40/8, Vivo XS max. 20/4 Mbit/s downloading/uploading speeds are possible


2 The Internet-Box 2 is free for all new Vivo S, M, L and XL, Internet 50 and 250 subscribers. The Internet-Box standard is free for new Vivo XS subscribers.


The Vivo subscription is suitable for normal personal use. Swisscom reserves the right to curtail or restrict the service or take other appropriate steps if usage considerably exceeds normal levels, or if there are justified indications that the connection is used for special applications (such as machine-machine, dial-up and continuous connections).




  • All prices in CHF inclusive of value added tax
  • Minimum subscription term 12 months