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Contract concerning the sourcing of services in the area of mobile communication (NATEL® contract) between Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd (in the following referred to as Swisscom) and the customer

Customer details

Contract address

Additional details

Contact details

Authorised person

Bonus Group

Selection of Natel® service

Tariff details

Contract Provisions / Contract Elements

Duration/termination: The contract may be terminated by either Party giving 60 days' notice in writing, for the first time upon the end of the minimum contract term. Without such termination the contract shall continue for an indefinite term. In the event of premature cancellation of the contract, which shall be subject to Swisscom approval, the Customer shall be liable to payment of the remaining monthly charges (business customers at least 25.-/month) up to the end of the minimum contract term. The same shall apply should Swisscom terminate the contract due to default of payment or other breach of contract. Number portability: If the contract between Swisscom and the customer cannot be concluded because authorisation is not provided by the customers previous mobile phone operator, the customer undertakes to compensate Swisscom with the difference in amount compared to the catalogue price of the mobile phone that was supplied (in the case that a telephone was provided) when the contract was signed, at least 200.- (for a 1 year contract) or 400.- (for a  2 year contract). Swisscom has a direct legal claim against the customer for the difference in amount. Youth subscription: When the age limit is reached, an automatic conversion to one of the other basic subscriptions shall be effected. The existing minimum contract term is taken over. Blocking sets: The customer can block value added services ordered via 090x numbers or SMS/MMS short numbers and other value added services ordered via the NATELâ network and charged on the NATELâ bill by calling the hotline. All respective value added services can be blocked or only those that contain adult entertainment. Roaming tariffs: The current tariffs and tariff options for international roaming are available at respectively at customers). The tariff information in case of using a foreign mobile network may be deactivated and reactivated. Use of data: The Customer accepts that Swisscom may update his address data based on third party's information and pass on this update to such third parties who (due to a contract or another form of consent) are already in possession of the former address. The customer can prohibit this transfer online at "conditions for mobile services"). Furthermore he can limit or prohibit the use of its data for marketing purposes stated in the General Terms and Conditions. Usage: For residential customers, services are exclusively for normal private customer use, and for business customers, they are intended purely for normal business customer use. They may only be used for special applications or for the provision of telecommunications services with Swisscom’s written consent. Contract elements and conclusion of contract: The following elements form an integral part of the contract in the order in which they are listed: this contract, prices according to (business customers), the Service Description.

Distributor details

Signature of customer:

By way of his/her signature, the customer confirms that he/she has noted these constituent parts and conditions of the contract and accepts them as they stand and confirms the correctness of his/her details. Company representatives: Each of the following persons confirms that they are authorised to conclude contracts and are liable for any damage incurred that arises from the lack of this authorisation.

Signature of legal representative:

The signatory confirms that he/she is the legal representative of the customer. He/she is liable for any damage incurred that arises from the lack of representation authority.