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Type NF personality results page (trend-setter)

You look for the unusual and are fascinated by new and innovative insights and trends.

You are more interested in opportunities and possibilities than in facts. In your view, you create the path as you go along. You are a doer, not an overly intellectual thinker.

You instinctively know how to enthral people and sell them your ideas. By the same token, you also find strong, genuine people very interesting.

For you, it is important to keep developing, both personally and professionally. In so doing, you want to experience a lot. Even though you are extremely interested in people and enjoy helping others grow, when it comes down to it, you value your own positive approach to life.

You try to avoid conflict wherever possible. You want cooperation, not competition.

You love perfection in many areas: the perfect design, the perfect policy or the perfect discussion.


Your communication style

Your ideal conversation is a mini adventure: exciting, emotional, stimulating and entertaining. You can also really let yourself go in a conversation. You enjoy discovering new things and allow yourself to be inspired by your good imagination.

You like talking about innovative insights, trends, opportunities, ideals as well as personal development. You are less enthralled by conversations that involve detailed planning or minute details.

Your arguments are more value-based, idealistic and tap into your feelings. When communicating, you can express yourself very forthrightly. Your skill in inspiring and appreciating others plays a large part in determining your communication style.

You especially value conversations with people who are genuine, honest and charismatic.


Your use of telecommunication

Even though new, fashionable media aren't used by everyone, you are interested in giving them a try. If a specific medium helps people to communicate particularly creatively and quickly, you are also quick to recommend it to friends and acquaintances. People with your personality can justifiably be called trend-setters because they have a good nose for trends and creativity.

Of course, you also use well-established communication tools like e-mail and SMS if they have proven their worth and help you reach your goal in an uncomplicated manner.

You are put off by extensive, complex functions and too much technology. The same applies to the purchase and use of mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablet computers).


In summary, you are:


  • communicative
  • spontaneous
  • holistically minded
  • unconventional
  • inventive