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Type NT personality results page (strategist)

You are independent and like to deal with things yourself without help from others. You bravely face the challenges that lie ahead and overcome all obstacles. You deal with conflict in an open manner and don't spend too much time on unsolved problems.

You are good at processing information, anticipating outcomes and putting insight into practice. You are driven by your curiosity and the will to conquer uncharted territory. The same applies to how you communicate.


Your communication style

In conversations, you expect clear, succinct and logically comprehensible information. You do not really like unsystematic and more value-based and/or emotional conversations. You prefer to rely on logic rather than gut instinct.

You like talking about the many possibilities that life offers. You're not so keen on talking about details, facts or the reasons why something doesn't work.

You mostly know what you want to achieve before starting a conversation. In this way, you quickly achieve conclusive results. When communicating, you are mostly active and you sometimes make spontaneous comments. In larger groups, you tend to be the person who leads the conversation.


Your use of telecommunication

You are also to the point when writing SMS messages, e-mails or tweets. You don't really like reading or writing long, detailed texts – unless it involves a chance to describe opportunities, trends or possibilities. Your decision on whether to phone someone for clarification or send a brief message depends on which will achieve the desired results more quickly.

People like you are often pioneers with regard to the latest telecommunications technology – provided the quality is right. Quality and ease of use are make-or-break criteria for you when choosing a specific mobile device (e.g. a smartphone or tablet computer) or using a communication service.


In summary, you are:


  • innovative
  • self-determined
  • a strategic planner
  • logical and consistent
  • curious