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Type SF personality results page (mainstay)

Dependability is your forte. You are the kind of person whom companies, associations and other organisations have to thank for their durability. You remain on-task and power through, even if things get tough.

You are characterised by your friendliness, amiability and loyalty. You are known for your empathy. You have good instincts with regard to both your own feelings and the needs of others. In relationships and conversations, you maintain a personal touch.


Your communication style

You like talking about issues that revolve around people in all their different aspects, but also about facts. In so doing, you stick to what is tried, tested and verifiable. You are less enthusiastic about conversations revolving around opportunities and possibilities that are unrealistic from the current perspective. You know that in the real world, goals are reached one step at a time.

You focus on consistency. You are fond of daily rituals and habits which serve as familiar reference points in your life. Monthly get-togethers with your best friend and your morning cup of coffee are very important to you.

Your reasoning is always detailed, factually precise, but also value-based and sometimes emotional. Often your gut instinct tells you what to do or how to lead a conversation. Thanks to this valuable skill as well as your ability to grasp details and facts quickly, you often pick up subtle nuances that others overlook.


Your use of telecommunication

You like using telecommunication, and do so often. Although you would rather meet people in person, it's not always possible. You therefore prefer to phone them rather than sending an impersonal SMS or e-mail. In general, you are somewhat conservative in your choice of telecommunication tool. You go for tried-and-tested technology. Nevertheless, you also like using new media if they present an opportunity to make communication more personal or to stay in closer contact with loved ones.

When choosing a mobile device (e.g. a smartphone or tablet computer), it needn't be the latest or most fashionable model. Often enough, these are less user friendly and the technology is not yet developed fully. However, these criteria are particularly important for you.


In summary, you are:


  • sensitive
  • understanding
  • precise
  • practically minded
  • obliging