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Type ST personality results page (analyst)

Your special strengths are your precision and your ability to analyse and organise things. You mostly act systematically and make logical decisions based on facts. You value good preparation as well as reliability and also live by these values. Whether for work or in your private life, you always manage projects successfully.

You are masterful at recognising inefficiency. You have great difficulty doing or talking about things that are not target oriented. You want to reach your goal today or in the near future. In doing so, you place great store by objectivity and verifiability.

Your approach is rather more rational. You try to hold onto things that have proven their worth


Your communication style

When talking to people, you expect them to provide you with clear and precise information. You have no problem receiving more information than necessary as long as is it is clear, comprehensible and well structured.

In keeping with your general personality, you also like talking about matters involving facts and clear issues.

You usually know at the very outset what you expect or can expect from a conversation. A conversation must be beneficial for you.


Your use of telecommunication

Just as you expect conversations to be useful in some way, you also weigh up the possible benefits of an SMS, e-mail or phone call. Given a choice, you prefer the shortest route to your goal, even if this is rather impersonal.

Your e-mail and SMS texts tend to be somewhat longer. Background and connections are important to you so that you can also convey this information to others.

Your interest in the latest telecommunication trends stems from a love of technology and/or the status they bring their owners. At heart, you are more down-to-earth and rely on things that are tried-and-tested.

With regard to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones or tablet computers), you are primarily interested in their cost-effectiveness in addition to their reliable, practical as well as complex range of functions.


In summary, you are:


  • realistic
  • precise
  • logical and consistent
  • analytical