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Type NF personality results page (trend-setter)

You’re one of those people who loves keeping a finger on the pulse. You like trends and you don’t like missing out. To you, being networked in every channel means unlimited participation. You like the rhythm of the world, the spirit of being connected to it and you see everything: the latest, hysterical viral YouTube video, your friends’ hippest holiday snaps from the coolest metropolises, that cult fashion blog - all of which make you an absolute trend-setter where you live. 

When you post, upload, share and blog, you use everything at your disposal to express your feelings: you could have invented the language of animated GIFs! But what you really love is that the web offers so many different means of expression: chat slang, emoticons, images, Pinterest and videos make life more colourful!

You are spontaneous and like proving it to your friends: that selfie from the party last night where you tried to put a bottle of wine in a vase by mistake (had to go straight on Facebook). And that series of photos from your last holiday, where you’re in a snorkel race against a giant turtle, which you share with your Instagram followers. 

You like the Internet because you get to define who you are and there are no limits to your creativity. You like staying in touch with your friends: the more, the better. Online, you miss nothing. You can share everything and, because you’re a lovely person, you’re also generous with your Likes.

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