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Type NT personality results page (strategist)

You love the Internet because it gives you fast, effective and targeted access to knowledge. You’re not necessarily the type of person to use cute emoticons, animated GIFs or similar emotionally loaded frippery – cat content is a real turn-off. Pages and pages of self-exposure on Facebook and YouTube are not your thing either. Let other people make fools of themselves. You play your cards close to your chest. (OK, that selfie with the celeb you randomly met on the street, you had to post that to make other people jealous). 

Otherwise you prefer spending time in interesting newsrooms chatting about relevant topics, about current affairs, politics, science, technology or finance. Whatever happens to interest you at the time, but always short and sweet. For you, the web is primarily an effective, fast source of knowledge. Knowledge is power. You are well-informed and like having a certain advantage over others: people like you keep well-researched blogs and serious chats alive, and you are no stranger to making the odd provocative post.

You are not the type of person to hand out Likes willy-nilly. You are critical and don’t need to be friends with everybody. Social networks full of baby photos and beach pics leave you cold. Topics should be innovative and forward-looking, and be of personal benefit to you. You navigate single-mindedly through the Internet. Everything has to be fast, effective and – alright, yes, a bit of fun doesn’t hurt sometimes.  

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