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Type SF personality results page (mainstay)

You are loyal and dependable. You think that being in constant touch with your loved ones is fantastic. That’s why people like you are massive fans of WhatsApp, Skype, speedy Facebook posts and all the other wonderful ways of keeping on top of what friends and family are up to on the web. You really enjoy getting Likes from your friends, and are happy to offer emotional feedback in the form of animated GIFs and emoticons.

Because you like to know what you can rely on, you are also the type of person who loves Qype and its ilk. Is my dream hotel as clean as it looks in the photos? Can I really trust the GP practice round the corner? Does the new tablet do everything it promises? For you, the web is also a terrific source of answers to practical, everyday questions, such as: “Where can I get a cheap replacement cable for my smartphone?”, “What’s the quickest way to randomise a column of figures in Excel?”, or “Maybe I can get that pram cheaper on eBay”.

And last but not least: when you do something, you want to do it right. It’s thanks to you that there are lovingly maintained blogs such as “The tastiest and prettiest birthday cupcakes for kids”, “DIY your own gorgeous lamps”, and “Transform your flat into a cosy Christmas paradise”. Discussion forums on matters of family, home and garden also benefit from your carefully considered contributions.

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